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Too Much StarCraft

This is a page created solely for amusement. This list was generated by our forum members.

You know you play too much StarCraft when...

· You call your house your "Nexus."
· You play basketball and ask your friends if the game is melee or UMS.
· You are poor and you tell your dad to harvest more minerals.
· You realize that you're broke and ask your parents to borrow some minerals.
· You decide to blow yourself up as a suicide bomber and shout "here's for the Swarm!"
· You inject steroids into your arm on the way home to get there faster.
· You pretend that a box is an SCV and you sit in it and pick your nose.
· You send siblings out to scout neighbors' yards.
· Your solution for Iraq is "Battlecruisers. Mass Battlecruisers."
· Your only fear when massing Battlecruisers against Iraq is that they may have cloaked Wraiths waiting.
· You sit in a traffic jam and wonder if your car has a Siege mode.
· Laser pointers are now weapons of mass destruction - avoid them at all costs.
· The Bunsen burner in chemistry looks deliciously inviting as a splash damage weapon.
· You poke people repeatedly. Maybe they'll say something funny.
· You complain about the inefficiency of our military. Even on slow days, it only took you half an hour to amass a fleet and annihilate your opponent.
· You don't believe in the concept of overpopulation. Why not just build more supply depots?
· Missile turrets are a crucial part to any home security system. Bunkers too. Hell, a few Siege Tanks here and there wouldn't hurt.
· You call your school bully a Dragoon.
· You start calling rich people "n00bs" and tell them to play on real maps.
· You walk by a construction site and wonder why they just don't warp everything in.
· You think strategically placing Arbiters around your town/city so they can recall people wherever they want is a really good idea.
· You mistake your grandmother for an Infested Kerrigan.
· You mistake Democrats for UED leaders.
· You think babies come from Gateways.
· Your friend is a Hydralisk. No matter what anyone else says, he's a Hydralisk.
· You tell people to go somewhere and you start repeatedly "clicking" your finger.
· You try to Optical Flare your dog.
· You answer the phone with "You want a piece of me boy?!"
· You know everyone on Everyone on knows you.
· You give people your username instead of your phone number.
· You go by your alias.
· You know, by heart, how many hits it will take a marine to destroy a Battlecrusier.
· You can beat every Terran campaign mission with 4 marines and an SCV.
· You went as a Zealot for Halloween.
· You use the wall in your room as a board for designing new strategies.
· You can draw any custom map someone tells you to draw.
· You have been to every single StarCraft site searching for the best possible strategy.
· You have a small shrine dedicated to your SC CD case.
· You change religions. You are now part of the Khalai.
· You name your son Fenix.
· You have a meeting every week with your friends so you can come up with new strategies.
· The doctor injects the flu shot into you, you sigh relaxingly and say "ah, that's the stuff."
· You force your mom to call the school bus a "Shuttle"
· You see your friend in a fight and you shout "We must join our bretheren in battle!"
· You worry about walking through narrow places because there might be burrowed lurkers.
· You're sleeping with your girl and accidently scream "Kerrigan" instead of her name.
· You cry yourself to sleep because your SC CD is missing.
· You actually understand all of the above jokes.