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Are you still interested in a StarCraft 2 after all this time?

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Affiliation Information

· Your site must get at least 700 unique visitors daily.
· Site must be in English or have multiple versions of the page with one in English.
· Must have some sort of layout. This means that the information in the page cannot be scattered around in different places on each page. Layout must be relatively static across pages.
· You, the owner, must have some way of contact, preferably easier than email. (AIM, YIM, ICQ, or MSN)
· Site must contain a link to me on every page (your link will be on every page here in the menu)
· Sites must be up at least 99% of the time. Sites that are found to be down for extended or abnormal periods of time will be removed.
· Site must have its own TLD domain name like Sites without domains generally flounder because of a hard-to-remember name. Also, if a webmaster does not feel like spending money on a domain, it also shows that the webmaster does not care enough about it in the first place to do so, especially considering how cheap domains are nowadays. Please note that .TK domains are not acceptable.
· No porn or warez sites will be excepted.

Do you fit all of these requirements? If so, click here.