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Are you still interested in a StarCraft 2 after all this time?

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StarCraft Cheats

To use these cheats, press ENTER during a game and type them.
Cheat Description
power overwhelming invincibility
there is no cow level win the mission
game over man lose the mission
show me the money gives 10,000 minerals and vespene
whats mine is mine free minerals
breathe deep free vespene
something for nothing all available upgrades
black sheep wall show entire map
operation cwal faster playing and instant research
staying alive keep playing after victory
medieval man give units free upgrades
modify the phase variance allow any structure to be built
war aint what it used to be disable fog of war
food for thought build units beyond supply limit
the gathering use special abilities with no enegy cost
no glues the computer can't use operation cwal when you do
glues computer can't advance in technology
radio free zerg play secret zerg song
Note: You must be playing as zerg for this to work
ophelia* skip to any mission
* Once you type ophelia, press enter then type the mission you want to skip to (i.e. zerg 8, terran 5, protoss 7)