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Float A Drone
To float a drone, corner a drone in a corner with some other drones. Tell the drone to build any structure three times quickly (ie. B,H,click,B,H,click,B,H,click). The drone will fly across the map to it's destination.

Cloak Burrowing Zerg Units
For this glitch, you need an Arbiter and any burrowing Zerg units. Set the Arbiter on patrol over a short area back and forth over where the units are cloaked and away to a point where they uncloak. Now, burrow the units uncloaked. Wait until the Arbiter comes to the point where the units would just be cloaking and unburrow. Then, run like mad away from the Arbiter with the cloaked units. These units should stay cloaked permanently, unless you bring them back near the Aribiter or if you burrow and unburrow them again. This takes very precise timing, so it's not easy.
NOTE: Burrowing and unburrowing again will uncloak the cloaked unit.

Walking (v1)
This isn't as much of a glitch, but if an SCV, Drone, or Probe is told to mine minerals, it will go straight through any units in it's way. It ends up walking right through them.

Walking (v2)
In this case of walking, the minerals are right next to you. Mine the minerals, and at the end right click and press C (or return cargo). It will have the same affect as the first walking glitch.

This "glitch" is typically used in Bound games. What you do is if there is a wall of units, you burrow one unit and put another unit right on top of it. Thun, unburrow the burrowed unit and the unit on top will either run through the wall or disrupt the wall and make it move.

Build Cloaked Zerg Buildings
For this, you must first use the "Cloak Burrowing Zerg Units" glitch on a drone. Then, simply use the drone to build a building. This doesn't seem to work with Extractors. This only works for certain buildings.

Float A Templar (And Control It)
This glitch is very similar to the float a drone glitch. You take two templars (High or Dark) and make sure they have enough space between each other. Tell them to merge into an Archon. While they're on their way, hold shift and right click anywhere on the map. Then, before the templars get to eachother and start the merge, press "S" or Stop. The templars will then float, the same way the drone did, to the place where you right clicked while holding shift.
(If you want to be able to control it, instead of holding shift and right clicking somewhere on the map, shift and right click on a drop ship or other flying unit. Then, move the flying unit around and the templars will follow.)

Everlasting Merge
Take two templars, either High or Dark. Place them a short distance apart, and tell them to merge. Right when the merge starts, press "S" or Stop. They won't stop merging, but a status bar will never appear and they will just stay stuck together until you right click somewhere telling it to move and it will restart the merge.

Tank Inside Building
To get a tank inside a building without exploding, you must bring the tank under the building while it is landing, but leave it unsieged. When the building has landed and the tank is on it's way out, this is when you must quickly siege the unit while it is still below the building. It will then stay like this.

Crush An Interceptor
To crush an interceptor, you must merely land a building that can fly on top of it. For example, if you have an Engineering Bay being attacked by Interceptors, all you have to do is lift off and land back down on one of them.

Stasis Archon
Stasis an archon a split second before it is finished forming. When the stasis wears off, the stasis graphic stays over the archon. The affects of stasis are gone (invincibility and immobility), so there's no particular use for this glitch, except to make Archon look odd.

Build A Tank In Mid-Air
When you have the factory selected, press L and then T quickly. If you time it right, you'll lift off and the tank will stay in the building queue. When you land the Factory, the tank will resume building. This is not a particularly uselful glitch, but a glitch nonetheless.

Stop A Turret
To stop a turret, simply bring an Observer on top of it. If you time it perfectly and get it in the right position right over the turret, it will stop spinning and stay stuck.

Build A Goliath In An Island
When you have the factory selected, press L and G very quickly. If you time it right, you'll have a Goliath waiting in the building queue. When you start to land, hold shift and right click somewhere not far from the factory. It will start building in mid-air and, when done, it will be at the original location of the factory.

Lurker Under Command Center
Take a Command Center and a Lurker. Tell the Command Center to land right next to the Lurker. While it's on its way down to the ground, quickly move the Lurker in beneath it and burrow. This does not kill the Lurker.

Crash StarCraft
As Zerg, research the burrow ability. Tell a drone to build a structure anywhere. Immediately after it starts building, tell the drone to burrow. All users in a multiplayer game looking at the drone will crash out of SC. Users that weren't looking will have SC crash at the very end of the game.

Un-unburrowable Drone
As Zerg, research the burrow ability. Tell a drone to build to build a structure anywhere. As the drone moves toward the spot, press Burrow. The drone will burrow, but even though the unburrow icon is there, it will never be able to leave the ground.

Hover A Drone
Tell a drone to build a building somewhere. Then, tell it to go somewhere else. The drone will hover up to about Wraith height before heading back to the ground.

Pause Glitch
Have any units you want selected before pausing. Then, during pause, right click on the minimap to tell the units where to go. They will only move after the game is unpaused, but generally you can't issue commands during pause at all. With this glitch, you can.

Load and Repair
First, you need one damaged mechanical unit, one Dropship, and at least one SCV. Then, send the damaged unit into the Dropship. A split second before the unit enters, tell the SCV to repair it either by using R and left clicking, or just right clicking the unit. The SCV will repair the unit, even though it's inside the Dropship. Though you cannot unload the unit by pressing its wireframe, pressing the Unload command will, and the game will instantly crash for you and all of those who have allied vision to you. For those that don't, it will crash before the victory screen.

Slide a Command Center
First you will need a Command Center. Build a Barracks and an Academy (if you don't already have one of each). Make sure you have more than 50 vespene gas, and between 50 and 99 minerals. Lift off the command center, and tell it to build a Comstat Station. Just as the Command Center is landing, build a marine, and shift and click to the place you want to slide.

SCV Cliff Climbing Glitch - UNCONFIRMED
An SCV will go through anything when you're building. If you tell it to build a bunker right next to high ground, depending on what direction it came from, your SCV can end up on the high ground. You could also try halting construction when it gets to where you want it to. The SCV can get stuck on the high terrain giving you a small advantage (depending on how the map is set up). This glitch is hard and confusing to use, but it works and it is kind of cheap.

Mine Away From Minerals/Gas
You need a Arbiter and a miner (SCV/Probe/Drone). Put the Arbiter over something where you can't recall, like over water or the edge of the mountian. Then take your Arbiter and tell it to recall the miner. Right before the recall is over, click on the miner and tell them to gather minerals or gas (Before the recall is over, the miner still has to be under the Arbitar's recall), and it will mine from a distance. Do you know of any other glitches? E-Mail me and tell me them.