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StarCraft and Brood War 1.14
Posted by StarCraftSector on August 1, 2006 at 10:30 AM
Blizzard has just released a fairly significant StarCraft and Brood War patch, 1.14.

Feature Changes
- European ladder now affiliated with WGTour (
See for additional information about the new
European ladder.
- Ladder games disabled for all other regions.
- For Top vs. Bottom games, the default chat filter is now 'Chat To Allies'.
- In-game chat messages now show the speaker's name in his/her team color.
- Users can now use the mouse wheel to scroll chat and selection boxes in
Windows 98 (or later) and Macintosh OS X.
- Screen shots now use a time/date stamp; they are no longer limited to 100.
- Improved version numbering system.
- The high-color application icon from the Macintosh version is now used on PC.
- Small corrections to the Lost Temple and Dire Straits maps.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Hatchery cancellation crash bug.
- Fixed crash that can occur when SCVs are repairing a unit boarding a Dropship.
- Fixed crash when Mac users very quickly cancel connection to
- Fixed a scoring bug that gave Zerg unit points for building cancellation.
- Users can now take screen shots on Macintosh OS X.
- Updated account creation information text.
- Logging onto an account closed for a Terms of Service violation
will now say the account is closed, rather than 'invalid password'.
- Fixed bug preventing Portuguese StarCraft clients from receiving patches from Portuguese users must still patch to this level manually, but
subsequent patches can be obtained automatically from
- No longer displays control characters in's map description pane.
- Color codes and control codes are no longer allowed in chat messages.
- Fixed a crash in StarEdit when attempting to save modified Blizzard maps.
- Fixed undesired text wrapping in Spanish and Portuguese screens.
- Fixed a rare crash in multiplayer games.

- Fixed the Nydus Canal cancellation bug that allowed creating a mobile exit.
- Fixed two exploits that allowed players to gain minerals very quickly.
- Fixed exploit with Arbiter that allowed Zerg buildings to become cloaked.
- Fixed exploit that allowed units to kill themselves instantly.
- Fixed exploit that allowed Command Center infestation without a Queen.
- Fixed exploit that allowed Command Center infestation from a distance.
- Fixed exploit that allowed players to float Zerg Drones over obstacles.
- Fixed exploit that allowed worker units to mine at a distance.
- Fixed exploit that allowed Terran buildings to lift off while training units.
- Fixed exploit that allowed SCVs to repair Protoss buildings.
- Fixed exploit that allowed SCVs to detach Larvae from Hatcheries.
- Fixed exploit that allowed morphing Terran and Protoss buildings.
- Fixed exploit that allowed buildings to be stacked on top of each other.
- Playing against illegally named players on no longer results in a
disconnect game result.

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